“I reached out to Amber to announce the release of Duran Duran's"Girl Panic!" music video. The outreach was quick and last-minute, and Amber's turnaround was even more swift to match. She was a pleasure to work with and great communicator.” 

- Mayka Mei- Red Magnet Media - Hired Amber for marketing/promoting a national music video release for Duran Duran. 

“Amber is a standout in her profession, and an authentic voice and influencer in the social media space. I hired Amber as a consultant on a product launch and was impressed with her work from the start. She was professional, knowledgeable, and was always available to assist, or simply answer questions. I highly recommend Amber and would hire her again.” 

- Ray Ferrarro - Attorney at Law - Hired Amber For Marketing Consulting on SAAS project

“I have known and worked with Amber for several years now through various companies and projects. Amber is a breath of fresh air and is always upbeat and positive in a world that at times lacks both of these traits. She has shown great leadership and understanding of social media and marketing for several verticals in this digital world we live in. It was a pleasure working with Amber, and I am looking forward to the next project we get to collaborate on hopefully, sooner rather than later.” 

- Scotty Tidwell - Former Social Media Director at Scuf Gaming  - Worked with Amber on project at Scuf Gaming 

“Amber acted as a subject matter expert for OnCore Media, working with us on a large-scale content project for a major technology company. In her capacity as SME, Amber's job was to write a series of posts for a small business tech site and participate in webinars as needed. She brought a very high level of creativity--not to mention excellent responsiveness--to the task. Her ability to collaborate, innovate and help us go beyond what was requested made her an extremely valuable asset. She added a dimension of thinking, style and fun that improved the project immensely. I truly enjoy working with Amber.” 

- Jon Feld- On Core Media- Hired Amber for a content project for Lenovo 

“There are personalities and then there are leaders with character...Amber is the latter. For years she has had a granular knowledge of social media, blogging, content marketing, SEO, SEM, affiliate...i could fill this page with her credible skills...she knows digital. Collaborating with her and learning from our work has been an invaluable asset to me. I always look forward to spending time with her.” 

-Jason Aplin - CEO of AlphaPay Global- Hired Amber for a consulting project